Following the path of Development where consumption and production patterns are continuously increasing along with augmenting population, our Environment is undergoing a major change which can be widely seen across the world and the concern towards protecting the Environment has become a critical issue. The climate change has significantly resulted in high temperatures which are adversely impacting the ecosystems, economies and the community. Considering the negative environmental impact on our planet, it becomes a duty and responsibility of every individual to participate towards protecting and saving our mother land.

Whole world celebrates “World Environment Day” every year on June 5 with a key focus to spread awareness about various Environmental issues and Call for Action, being a socially responsible organization, Parivartan Sandesh Foundation took an initiative to remind ourselves and others about the importance of caring for our environment by organize “30 days Enviourmental Drive” . We undertook the responsibility of making people aware about the need to protect our Enviourment & method to save our earth through various awareness campaigns at in corporate offices, Malls and market areas for the entire month of June. The sole idea behind these campaigns was to bring awareness among people from all walks of life and encouraging them to be a part of making this world a more beautiful and peaceful place to live with dignity and pride through their little concern and cooperation. For the same, we distributed saplings to the people appealing them to “Go Green” by planting more and more trees and taking care of the surroundings around them.

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