Education Program-Padne Dein Aur Badne Dein

Project Details

PSF launch project to provide primary education to children belongs to poor or migrated families with nutritious midday meal for their wholesome growth. Its located near One Mart Mall, VasundhraGaziabad U.P.

Due to uncontrolled population growth the education system is become unable to provide education to all children. A previous study in Delhi slums (2005) also pointed out that children from migrated population is mainly deprived from education due to occasional long visits to place of origin, and from understanding the system to enroll their children at school.


PSF objective to improve interest among migrated families. Under this project, we are providing primary education and nutritious meal to 125 children at project Padne Dein Aur Badne Dein.

The project goal is to make the children eligible for admission in the primary level, junior level, middle level and in secondary level school, who never ever attend any school. In this project there is a provision to serve about 100-125 children and not any government school is available within 2 km radius of this school, but now children are coming to our schools are constantly and now their parents also understand that education is needed for a better life.

Pandemic “Covid-19”& Education

Whole world terribly effected by covid-19, everything was stopped and getting closed due to miserable condition most effected population were daily wages labor, construction labor, rickshaw pullers, private transporter, house maids, factory workers, small shopkeepers etc. They don’t have income to survive and not able to understand how to deal with this situation so they started to move towards their native places’villages and small cities.

This migration effects education of their children, they don’t have such kind of facilities to continue education of their kids so they stopped their education.

During all the odds PSF has done wonderful job we provide old functional mobile for their long-distance education with recharge,our teachers and volunteers were in regular touch with them but result was not satisfactory due to pandemic.

Now everything is open, so education too, now our program is ready to provide free education of migrated underprivileged children of Delhi / NCR.

How PSF Action Force Will Work

We have dedicated and qualified team of teachers, volunteers, social workers and project coordinators. Under their supervision we give them education like pre primary education, regulate dropout students, tuition classes, regular visit in slum to identify the problem and the child who is not going to school.

PSF will give digital slate, books and other stuff for their study. We work on dropout students; we will convince and motivate to their parents and students to rejoin the school. We will educate them in play way method so they enjoy study, we will plan educational local picnics for them like museums, library, planetarium and so on.

Mid-Day Meal

PSFProviding mid-day meal to children so they come school regularly for education and food, we give food for their growth and want to improve their immune system. We give them chapati, sabji, dal, curd, salads and fruit.

We designed their food menu accordingly to special occasions and festivals. Also, we want to improve their eating habits.

Outcomes / Impact

  • Improving interest towards education
  • Importance of education
  • Children are not getting involved in criminal activities
  • Parents are feeling safe for their children
  • Getting enroll in government schools.
  • Hygienic food to eat.

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