#Fighting With Early Puberty

Puberty starts on average in girls between the age 8 and 13 and in boys between the age 9 and 14. Doctors diagnose early puberty when this normal process starts early and continues to progress through growth spurts and bone maturation, usually for reasons we don't understand. Girls who show significant signs of puberty and its progression before age 7 and boys before age 9 are considered precocious puberty. About 1 out of 5,000 children are affected with early puberty.

There are two types of precocious puberty, central and peripheral.

Central precocious puberty is the more common type. The process is identical to normal puberty, but happens early. The pituitary gland is prompted to produce hormones, called gonadotropins. These hormones turns into stimulate the testicles or ovaries to make other hormones, testosterone or estrogen. These sex hormones that causes the changes of puberty, like breast development in girls.

Peripheral precocious puberty or precocious pseudo-puberty is a different condition. It's also rarer. The hormones estrogen and testosterone trigger the symptoms. But the brain and pituitary gland are not involved. It's usually a local problem with the ovaries, testicles, adrenal gland, or a severely under-active thyroid gland.

Going through problem of early puberty in a girl does not only affects the girl physically but can also affect through emotionally and socially difficult for her & her family too. For example, girls with precocious puberty may be confused or embarrassed about physical changes such as getting their periods or having enlarged breasts before any of their peers. But the hardest part may be the teasing done by their friends or making fun of them in front of everyone.

Once precocious puberty is diagnosed, the goal of treating it is to stop or even reverse sexual development and stop the rapid growth and bone maturation that can eventually result in adult short stature. Possible approach to treat the early puberty is, lowering the high levels of sex hormones with medicine to stop sexual development from progressing. From 2012 , PSF is supporting girls for monthly treatment to control the hormonal growth as well as to limit the emotional and social difficulties they may face from maturing early.

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