Health and Survival

Project - Heart Energize

Purpose - Started in 2011 to facilitate poor children from the most marginalized, economically deprived families to support them for critical illnesses. The parents do not have a huge amount of money to spend on treatment of such illnesses. The organization sponsors treatment of children and helps them to get back to their normal lives.

Beneficiary Age Group- 1Yr to 10 Yrs
Project Area- Delhi

Project - Health for All

Purpose - This project was started with the objective that any poor person, whether it is a child, a teenager, an adult woman or a man or an elderly, the resources needed for good health are easily available.
Good health at every age of the age is a fundamental requirement for good life. To fulfil this need, the PSF is doing this project in a double way.
MOBILE DISPANSARY - in April-2013 with support of QUEST DIAGNOSTICS a Mobile Dispensary unit was started to provide free primary health check-up with medicines. The concept was designed to reach residents of different slums on alternate days.
PSF Charitable Dispensary - Concept is desighned to expand the impact and area of the project through establish a charitable dispensary in the middle of East Delhi so that residents of nearby slums can have easy access of health facilities being given at dispensary with very nominal charges. Dispensary will also have the facility of Eye-checkup , X-ray, ECG, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Ambulance & gynaecologist.

Beneficiary Age Group- Not specific
Project Area- Delhi

Project - Fighting with Early Puberty

Purpose - Project started in 2012 and to support poor girls for monthly treatment of Early Puberty Disorder. This treatment has to run till the age of 14 years of the beneficiary to control their hormones. PSF commit to take care for their treatment till the time they required.

Beneficiary Age Group- Treatment started from 5 Yrs till the age 14 Yrs
Project Area- Delhi

Project - Aarogya Life Restoration

Purpose - Cancer in children can be hard to recognize right away because early symptoms are often like those caused by much more common illnesses or injuries. Children often get sick or have bumps or bruises that might mask the early signs of cancer.

Beneficiary Age Group- Not specific
Project Area- Delhi

Different faces of society


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